A MAZE. / Berlin 2019

8th International Games and Playful Media Festival


Tevi GamePlay

by Those MetaMakers (UK)

Genre: Casual, management, nature

Tevi is a mobile management game asking players to sustainably take care of a garden on Mars. It features a garden that evolves naturally using cellular automata algorithms and a plant-recognising technology linking the game with the real-world. Players will be able to tend the garden by taking full advantage on the effect each plant has on its neighbours and soil. To get more items, players will be able to take a picture of a real plant and discover what kind of plant it is, in a subversion of free to play mechanics. This is made possible by the integration with the machine learning database Plantnet. Tevi it’s being developed at Falmouth University, in collaboration with the Eden project, whose botanists helped us design the plant’s behaviours.

Tevi is a mobile game that really shines if played in a garden, leisurely, over long periods of times. We have tablets we could bring to the showcase, but we’d also provide QR codes and encourage visitors to download it in their own devices. It's my understanding that this year Amaze will take place in a venue surrounded by a park, which would work great with Tevi! But we might also buy some small potted plants to allow players to try the plant-picture taking feature of the game directly at our stand, with our devices.

Platform: Android Phone, Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone