A MAZE. / Berlin 2019

8th International Games and Playful Media Festival


Suzerain A MAZE Trailer

by Torpor Games (Germany)

Genre: Text-based Narrative Story

Suzerain is a narrative text-based story game focused on politics. It takes place in a alternate reality set in the 1950s with unique countries, cultures and characters. In this interactive world, the player is on a journey where they can express themselves politically, morally or pragmatically as the president of Sordland, as well as a father and husband.

The artistic aim and philosophy of the game is to put the player in the shoes of being a political leader at the personal level, delving extensively into power relationships, hard choices and real consequences. We strive to answer a few questions on why politics is so complicated and raise even more questions regarding the driving force behind certain behaviours.

Furthermore, the game expands on other serious and complex topics such as security, economy, freedom and much more while allowing the player to reflect their views on them. The powerful role of being the president enables expression in the form of decisions that shape the country, its citizens and the characters surrounding them in different ways.

Platform: PC