A MAZE. / Berlin 2019

8th International Games and Playful Media Festival

Must Dash Amigos

Must Dash Amigos - Promo Trailer

by miniBeast Game Studios (UK)

Genre: Racing

Must Dash Amigos is a vibrant top down battle racer filled with Avocados and Piñata Stampedes!

It is a humorous, family friendly, pick-up-and-play console game for up to 4 players. Challenge your amigos to a Race or a Battle, and use the various weapons obtained from pickups to help you gain the advantage. Hazardous environments, pesky stampedes and an ever-present threat of lagging behind means only one thing; you Must Dash Amigos!

RACE MODE Outlast your opponents as you dash through hazardous environments on foot, grabbing weapons and powerups along the way! Race your amigos amidst explosions, stampedes, and all-round chaos! Those that can't keep up are eliminated from the current round. Win rounds by being the last amigo standing; win enough of them and you will be crowned as grand champion!

BATTLE MODE Face your foes head-on in a battle arena! Use the weapons at your disposal to annihilate your enemies, and tactfully trigger powerups to avoid being wiped out yourself! Get hit 3 times and your amigo will be momentarily eliminated before being thrust back into the action. Players get points for causing damage to their opponents; the amigo with the most points at the end of the allocated time is crowned champion!

Platform: PC