A MAZE. / Berlin 2019

8th International Games and Playful Media Festival

Locus Solus


A narrative, interactive Virtual Reality (VR) installation based on Raymond Roussel‘s novel of the same title. It is a dreamlike world populated by cerebral clones. Their shepherd, Martial Canterel, guides you through our programme, which leads to the transformation of your cerebral clone into an eternal life form.

“After putting on the VR headset, we become both participants and creators of the performance. With each step we take in the virtual reality, we single-handedly create a new world. The experience is like our dreams of real transdisciplinarity come true: here, performance, video, game, theatre, new media and novel ways of narration merge into a single engaging phenomenon.” Marcelina Obarska

more information: www.dreamadoptionsociety.com

Platform: Game Build could be visited or provides a documentation for judging.
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