A MAZE. / Berlin 2019

8th International Games and Playful Media Festival

Invisible Fist - Late Capitalism Card Game

Fight the Free Market - Literally! | INVISIBLE FIST gameplay (RPG card game) | ALPHA SOUP

by Failcore (Poland)

Genre: Card Game

Rising inequality? There’s a game for that! “Invisible Fist” is a dark-comedy card game about people literally fighting against the Invisible Hand of The Free Market.

Players take control of three different characters trying to succeed in Late Capitalism. Jeff is an anxious self-made technological multibillionaire who wants to create a powerful AI. Rena is a middle-class student burdened with debts who just wants to live comfortably. Dian Hua is an ambitious Amazon-like factory worker and a talented singer who wants to win a Talent Show and become rich. “Invisible Fist” lets players experience how the environment and social class affect our lives. It starts relatively easy with a rich character and gets a lot harder later.

The game mechanics are designed to showcase the effect of social class on life choices and the possibility of achieving your dreams in Late Capitalism. Character storylines adjust accordingly to how well the player is doing in the game.

Since the game is in Beta, only one character is in the game. We will be adding the next two till March/April. Thank you for considering it!

Platform: PC, Mac